Full of features, yet easy to use!

Import Graphic Images
Convert any graphic or clipart image into a plastic canvas project.  The colors in the image are automatically mapped to the yarn colors for you.  It's All Automatic!

Easy to Use
This is always important to us at M&R.  We provide software that is fun to use, yet easy for people to understand.

Add Text to Your Designs
Our software allows you to select any TrueType font to add text to your patterns.  You select the style and size.  type in your words, and the software instantly converts them into stitches in your pattern.

Multiple Stitch Types
Plastic Canvas Design Studio includes the following stitch types to create your designs:
  • Tent Stitches
  • Reverse Tent Stitches
  • Back Stitches
  • Gobelin (long) Stitches
  • Mosaic Stitches
  • French Knots

    You can even create your own custom stitch types!

  • Awesome Printouts
    After you complete your project design, our software creates an awesome printed pattern for you to work from.  The pattern printout can be in color or black & white.

    Scale Printouts to Match your Canvas Mesh
    Figuring out where to cut your canvas has never been easier.  The scaleable printouts allow you to perfectly match your printed copy to the canvas.  Put your printed design behind the canvas to see where to cut it.  It couldn’t be easier!

    Drawing Tools Help you Create your own Masterpieces
    Drawing tools include cut, copy and paste, two mirror modes, automatic centering, a host of palette tools, and much more!

    Great Color Selection
    Patterns can contain up to 100 different yarn colors. Choose yarns from Needleoft, J&P Coats, or a list of basic colors. You can even create your own entirely different family of yarns for your patterns!

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