Take a look at what we have added to
Plastic Canvas Design Studio Version 2!

User Defined Cut Lines
You can now draw and edit your own plastic cut lines. You can automatically generate cut lines around the stitched area of your design, or you can draw them in wherever you want!

Needloft Yarn List
We have added a new available yarn list which includes the popular Needloft brand yarns!

Improved Import Wizard
The new Import Wizard makes converting your graphic images and pictures into patterns easier than ever before!

100 Colors per Pattern
Plastic Canvas Design Studio Version 2 allows you to use up to 100 different yarn colors in a single pattern!

Create Your Own Yarn Lists
In addition to letting you edit the colors and descriptions of existing yarn families, the Yarn Editor now allows you to create entirely new families of available yarn for use in your patterns!

Automatic Internet Updates
As new features or bug fixes become available, you will be able to downoad and install them with a single menu selection!

Improved Gobelin (Long Stitch) and Cut Line Selection
You can now select your Gobelin stitches and cut lines by clicking the mouse anywhere along the line. You can even delete the stitch or recolor it with an easy right click menu interface!

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